Melbourne Function Rooms


1       Choose a preferred date and time for your party.

2       Decide on a few different suitable venue locations

3       Choose a theme if you want

4       Establish your budget

5       Write a guest list (establishing approximate numbers for your party)

6       Write down any special party requirements you might need such as wheelchair access, smoking area, late closing times,catering, under age family guests, close to public transport or nightlife,permission to decorate the venue.

7          Contact us for some Melbourne Function Rooms recommendations.

Once you've established items 1 6, you have enough information for us to then source a range of suitable Melbourne Function Rooms for you.


8       You should know have a good selection of Party Venues that you can compare prices and facilities to match your budget and expectations.   The Venues will contact you with their information but feel free to make the initial contact if you want. Once you've collected this information, you can sit down and decide on the best venue options.

9       Once you have your short list of Melbourne Function Rooms, contact the functions coordinator to arrange a site visit. The Venue manager or coordinator will give you a tour of the venue and answer any questions you might have about facilities and food and beverage requirements. Remember to take in your list of questions so you're well prepared and ask about the venue's policies for bookings.

10     Once you have had a look at your list of Melbourne Function Rooms and you think you've found the right venue, make a booking This usually requires a small deposit (usually $200-$400) but all venues have individual policies. Keep in mind that some of the most popular Function Rooms Melbourne have can book out months in advance for Saturday nights so it's good to organise the venue as early as possible

11     When making your booking, you can decide on Food and beverage options. Most of our Melbourne Venues don't allow outside catering but on the occasion that you can bring your own food you must then organise your own caterer.  If self catering its a good idea to confirm whether the venue has proper kitchen facilities and whether they have adequate heating and refrigeration. If not, you may need to go to the expense of hiring a heating oven. 


12     Venues usually have two options for beverages drinks on consumption or beverage packages. Depending on your budget, youwill choose the right option for your party. (see our comparison for; Drinks on consumption or Drink packages)


13     Now! You've confirmed your time and your venue so you need to get your invitations out. So that you can give  the venue accurate numbers for your party, set an RSVP date on your invites a month before your party. Including a map to the venue on your invite is also very handy for guests


14     Organise your music and entertainment. Many Venues allow you to bring your own CD's or iPod. Some require you to bring your own iPod connection cord. Most will have DJ equipment for you to organise your own DJ. 


15     Organize your cake/cupcakes or deserts. You will find that we have some great cake suppliers to recommend also.


16        Don't miss out on recording your special event. Organise a photographer for the evening or allocate a friend or family member to bring their camera and be the photographer for the evening. We can also organise one for you.


17     For special milestones like21st , 30th's and 40th birthdays it's a fun idea to put together a photo slideshow of your life so far. This can be done by downloading jpeg Photo files onto a CD or DVD or by creating a formal slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint. Many Melbourne Function Rooms have LCD screens where you can display your slideshow presentations to guests throughout the night


18        O.K, its one month until your party and you should have received all of your RSVP's. The first thing you can do is, make a guest list.


19     You are now able to contact the venue and give final numbers for your food and beverage packages or just so you can organise the finger food.  There is no rush though as most venues are happy to take finger food bookings 1 week in advance.


20        Now you can start to organise your decorations (If you want any although we recommend that it is a good idea). Most Melbourne Function Rooms will let you decorate the function room however they will require that you use Blu-Tac or something similar so the walls won't get damaged.


21        Finally, you can focus on the finer details like a running sheet for speeches and a time to cut the cake. It's a good idea to let the function coordinator of the venue know these times so they can prepare the catering to work around the speeches. Most Melbourne Function Rooms offer microphones and staff will usually bring the cake out and cut it for your guests (some do charge cakeage though).   If you've arranged special party games or alternative entertainment you might want to write a detailed list of when you would like these things to occur. This way, the venue can prepare the room accordingly.


22     Last but not least, check  with the venue that there will be a safe and secure area for any gifts on the night and test your DVD slideshow on the venue's LCD screen before the date if you can


23  Get to the venue either during the day to set up or an hour before the party is due to start so that you can make sure the furniture is how you want it and to decorate the room.