Melbourne Function Rooms

Party Checklist

Please find below a Party Checklist that will help guide you through the process of selecting one of our Melbourne venues / function rooms and organising your party:


1. Send my party details to Partyhelp                                                                     Me

2. Find the best and most suitable Melbourne venues / function rooms       Partyhelp

3. Check out the function venues / rooms suggested by Partyhelp                 Me

4. Call/email Partyhelp and let them know which function venues I like        Me

5. Get recommendations on food / music / drinks options                               Partyhelp

6. Put a deposit with the venue to book the function room                                Me

7. Send out invitations (Partyhelp can also organise this for you)                   Me

8. Book the DJ (if applicable)                                                                                  Partyhelp

  • Please note that Partyhelp is only for people aged 18 years and over